About Mediterranean Homes Group

This website is owned and operated by Mediterranean Homes Group Co. LTD. The company is a part of large real estate sales complex that sell properties in 67 countries.

In order to provide accurate regional information of real estate in Istanbul, we use the best estate consultants in this city. We use the same method in all cities where we sell the real estate.

Istanbul Estate Brand

In order to sell real estate in Turkey, the Mediterranean Homes Group was formed, the company launched specialized websites for cities that are attractive for foreign home buyers in Turkey. Therefore, Mediterranean Homes Group launched Istanbul Estate Brand website to provide property purchasing services in Istanbul.

Just like in other parts of the world, we only cooperated with reputable, well-known and reliable construction companies in Istanbul. We always try to provide the best services to our customers, so we provide properties with the lowest possible price and highest quality for our customers.

How to buy property with us

The best way to buy property anywhere is to purchase a real estate directly from owner or builder. In this way, buyers purchase properties at the lowest price. Buying directly from the developer will also make the buyer feel more comfortable.

After consulting with our professional estate agents and choosing the right property, our real estate consultants will accompany you at all stages of your purchase. You will sign purchase contract with the owner of the property and you only pay money to owner or developer. We support our customers at all stages of buying properties.

Communication facilities

Due to the fact that our customers come to Istanbul from different parts of the world, we have made a perfect facilities to communicate with them. Because we have property advisers who speak in different languages. Also, some of our advisers are from different nationalities. So you can talk to our advisers in English, Russian, Arabic, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German, Farsi and Chinese.