How to get Turkish citizenship with investments

A simple guide to apply for Turkish citizenship via investing

  • Step 1: Find the right developer, seller, agency, realtor etc.
  • Step 2: Find the right house with minimum $250,000 worth.
  • Step 3: Valuation. Working with an agency is recommended if you don’t have good knowledge of Turkish language. (and not only for that, for which we shall explain later)
  • Step 4: Pay for the property. Get your Tapu.
  • Step 5: Then comes the Compliance certificate.
  • Step 6: Apply for residency permit.
  • Final step: Apply for citizenship and voila!

Detailed explanation for each step is needed. Let’s name them as sections.

Section 1

Why is it so important to find the right agent? There are many issues that come up to the surface while making the decision to buy real estate. This sensitive issue needs more concern and caution when it’s done in a foreign country.

It is difficult for foreigner to find the right developer first hand in Turkey for various reasons.

  1. Developers are not used to dealing with clients first hand, let alone the foreign ones.
  2. The language issue makes it difficult to build trust between the seller and the buyer.
  3. The construction companies’ priority is to sell. A good agency has to take other factors into consideration.

Back to our main question. How to find a good agency to work with and why?

With the new law registrations, more and more agencies have been gaining experience with foreign clientele in Turkey. The increasing demand had people investing in their second language knowledge and understanding and adaptable manners. Being a foreigner in Turkey has its pros and cons. People are friendly and warm. They are very much helpful. But on the flip side, to put it simply, they might try to sell a property with an unrealistic price by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge of Turkey and Turkish language.

  1. A good agency should provide you different references. If needed, you should be able to talk to a previous lender.
  2. Try to get references from your network, if there is any in Turkey.
  3. Do your research, compare prices, view their websites, get in contact with them face to face.
  4. A good agency should provide you other services to aid you during this sensitive process. The legal paper work, residency permit, applying for citizenship, vip pick up services, free accommodation if needed.
  5. If you feel anything suspicious, trust your guts. You should avoid going against our feelings if something feels off with an agency.

Section 2

If you are okay with residency permit in Turkey, you do not need to invest worth $250,000. But since our topic is How to get citizenship in Turkey , you better know how much money you need to bring to the table. If you trust your agency, they will guide you well in this process. They will be very transparent about the contract details.

Section 3

Agency, agency, agency. It is so important not to be alone in these waters so to speak. There are agencies who do not request commission from the buyer. They handle that part with the construction companies so that you won’t be paying extra money from your pocket. In Turkey, there is a system called ‘’pass price’’ where the agency add as much as commission on top of the money required from the construction company. This can end with unpleasant consequences if done excessively. We work with construction companies, so we do not change the sale price.

Section 4

TAPU: If you are not provided your Tapu after your purchase, you can’t apply for citizenship. This small piece of paper is very important for you to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship - Tapu

The title deed looks as above.

We will approach the last 3 sections simultaneously

  1. The purchase procedure is almost the same to a regular purchase. But there is the exception that the buyer must transfer the money to the seller via a bank. After the money transfer step, a Compliance Certificate must be given by the local Cadastre and Land Registry Office. This takes a week or 2.
  2. Before applying for citizenship in Turkey, we must apply for residency in Turkey. After we get our Certificate and title deed registered on our name, we apply for residency.
  3. Then you can start your application for Turkish Citizenship via Real Estate Investment. If everything goes as planned, the whole process will be finalized within 3 to 6 months.

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