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Real Estate in Istanbul

The cosmopolitan and metropolitan character of Istanbul has made it a free city in Turkey in which lives all kinds of people with different beliefs and cultures.With living in Istanbul you will experience a mixed taste of east-west, old-new, traditional-modern in every aspect of your life.

Due to these reasons, many will choose to buy or rent a real estate in Istanbul for they can adapt themselves to the environment more easily and in a really short amount of time.

Advantages Of Owning A Real Estate in Istanbul

One of the most important lifestyle decisions that anyone will make is buying a property for it is not trending anymore but a benefit of the 21st-century life. As we all know real estate is a property in which there is a and or buildings as well as natural resources, it generally consists of 4 different types: residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate and land.

The idea of owning a real estate in Istanbul is a very good and long-term investment method due to several reasons; first and foremost it is cheap enough compared to other countries, beside one of the advantages of buying a real estate in Istanbul as it is true for all over the Turkey is that: whoever buys a real estate in Turkey can get residence permit provided that it is extended in a certain period, and they also have the right to get residence permit for their family members. Another benefit of buying a real estate in Istanbul is that the owner’s children will be able to get an education in Turkey; in addition, finding a job will be easier for the ones having a residence permit.

Which Districts Are Good For Property Investment?

The sale of real estate in Istanbul to foreigners has the highest rank among the other states with 14 thousand and 270 apartments. Istanbul is generally divided into two parts: the European and Asian, the location of the European part is at the west of Bosphorus Strait and connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, this part is so lively and dynamic.

The Asian part which is placed at the east of the Bosphorus is known as one of Istanbul’s best residential areas for its tranquility, peace, and heritage. Each of these two parts has the best residential areas of their own. For instance, in the European part due to the variety and abundance of coastal areas sales are permanently growing and the investors’ benefits are rising. Some of these areas to mention are: 


To buy a real estate in Istanbul exclusively in the European part, you should know that Basaksehir is classifieds as one of the best areas of Istanbul to hut property. The neighborhood is best known for its modern infrastructures such as high-rise buildings and also it’s geographical situation near bridges and airports.


The area has the most beautiful view of the sea of Marmara, with its wide green spaces, modern buildings and restaurants near the sea which makes it one of the best districts to buy a real estate in Istanbul. Some other areas like Kagithane, Halkali, Bahcesehir and Beylikduzu are also the ones good for buying an apartment.

The Asian part which has the most demands for its peacefulness, tranquility, and comfort is characterized by spectacular green nature and a real calm in comparison to the European part. Here is the destination for the greatest owners and investors on real estate in Istanbul, with good facilities in many situations like health, transport, education, etc. Some of the areas on this side of Istanbul which has the most demands in the market are: 


The price of lands and other properties are rising very fast in this area due to the proximity of the third airport and the third bridge in the city.


Since this region has an eye-catching nature it has been one of the most attractive places for real estate investors in Istanbul. The other regions like Tuzla, Beykoz and Kartal are also the ones which have the most demands in the market of real estate in Istanbul.

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