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Cheap Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Buying cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, is not out of mind. Maybe you think so often, With all the region and the neighborhood in Turkey, how do you find out, which areas are better and more suitable for buying property? Or, in which areas, the growth of urban amenities more, but still the property prices are low? As Istanbul’s population grows, housing practices and prices are also more diverse. But the good news is that buying a home at a low price without having a great impact on quality is possible.

Here we will tell you what causes to the cheapness of a property in Istanbul.

Effective items on cheap property in Istanbul

  • Area or neighborhood: In some areas of Istanbul, property prices are cheaper.
  • Residential or commercial: If the property you consider to be in commercial real estate is not considered a cheap property. So you have to have a choice apart from trading zones.
  • Age properties: Older homes have lower prices than new ones.
  • Second-hand property: Homes that are not new and they have been used, although new-build, have a lower price.
  • Sq meters built: Usually cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, have not enough space. (But in this case, there is also an exception, and it depends on the area, because if you buy a lower-cost one-bedroom apartment in the luxury areas, you need to pay more than buying a three-bedroom apartment in a typical area.)
  • Fewer Features: Facilities in complexes and apartments are a key determinant of high prices and, as a rule, cheap apartments in Istanbul are not fully equipped. Except in special cases.

Here, for your convenience, we have tried to introduce neighborhoods that you can buy property at a low price

  • Beylikduzu:  One of the most popular and growing neighborhoods with stylish and cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul is Beylikduzu.
  • Esenyurt: is another neighborhood in Istanbul that is great in selling properties. apartments in this area are cheaper than other neighborhoods in Istanbul. The property price in this neighborhood is about 200,000 to 500,000 lira.
  • Gazi osman pasa: is one of the neighborhoods in Istanbul where there has been a lot of change. Clearly, cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul are here. Because the price of the property in this neighborhood is estimated to be 150,000 to 400,000 lira.
  • Silivri: The district is about 70 km from the city and is suitable for people who want cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. This neighborhood is located in the south of the city and is suitable for those looking for a peace of mind in life. The house price varies from about 100,000 to 400,000 lira in the Silivri.
  • Kartal: This area is located on the shores of the Marmara Sea. The coastal route of the Kartal area is vast and there are many options for buyers. The house price in this neighborhood is about 200,000 to 300,000 lira.
  • Tuzla: For those who want to have a property on Anatolia, there are many choices in Tuzla. The average purchase price in the region is between 220 and 700 thousand lira.
  • Kurtkoy: This area is neighboring Sile, Tuzla and Sultanbeily. Due to its proximity to Tuzla and Sabiha Gokcen airport, it is one of the preferred destinations. If you are looking to buy a cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, you can go to this area. The house price varies from 170 to 400 thousand lira.
  • Sultanbeily: From the Sultanbeily area located on the Anatolia, the main communication routes of Istanbul passes and is considered an important area in this regard. In addition, house prices are lower than other areas. The house purchase price in this area is between 160 and 400 thousand lira.

Public transport system is a good way to access to facilities

It should be noted that the areas that are close to the main markets, shopping malls and entertainment centers have higher prices than other areas. Also, residential areas next to the sea have different prices from other residential regions.

Of course, this does not mean that your access to social facilities, such as shopping malls, is gone, or you have to travel a lot to meet your daily needs. It means that you must use public transport to access specialized centers such as the university and a series of health centers, mall and markets. And since the Metro-Bass system in Istanbul is working 24 hours a day, it leaves no worries.


In the end, we need to warn you: although it is still possible to find cheap apartments in Istanbul which have good features, but if you faced with good property, in a good area, with enough spaces and low prices, be careful and investigate properly about this property through your attorney. And make sure it does not have any trouble. Because that property may have document problems, or have a debt. Or maybe real estate sites, because of the creation of competitive space, may lower prices to attract the audience’s attention only. But you need to know that those prices are not real and there is no deal, and it’s just a matter of advertising. Unfortunately, this clause can make you confused, discouraged and distract you in your decisions.

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